Massey Homestead Mangere East, Auckland, NZ

Our Programmes

Hand craft Groups

We host three women's hand craft groups who meet every week to 'talanoa' (dialogue), socialize and create beautiful pieces of art.

Lalaga Workshops

We provide weaving classes for any person, at any age who would like to learn how to weave like our ancestors did. This is part of keeping cultural heritage alive.

Social Enterprise

We create + provide opportunities for our community of makers, to showcase their crafts + products to the world. We provide on-going career + business support to anyone who needs it.

Talanoa Sessions

Talanoa sessions are best done over some good soup or food. Keep an eye out for our talanoa series where members of the community of any age can come and have quality discussions on a chosen topic of interest. 

Craft Market

We host a community craft market once a month in Spring + Summer to create a platform for our social enterprise groups + individuals who are making use of their wonderful talents in their homes. They have a chance to seel and promote their products to the wider community.

Haaku Moui

Our aim is to help our youth develop into respectful citizens in society. We aim to do this through identity workshops, art, money mechanic workshops which give them insight to the real world we live in. We hope that through strengthening them individually, they will improve work ethic in education + be more future focused.


Kai Moui

Kai Moui is a series of workshops that encourage families to eat healthy, maintain traditional foods + recipes and how to feed families for less. Learn cooking techniques and talanoa about ideas to creating good meals for sustenance.

Tino Tapu

Tino Tapu is a programme that focuses on well-being, spiritually, emotionally + physically. Learn how to make your own healing balms, organic lotions, relaxation techniques, massage and the importance of maintaining good health for good well-being.

Niue Language Week

We aim to provide some great acitivities for Niue language week, so keep updated with our journey to be sure you do not miss out!